Top Ten Presents To Give To Teachers

When I was teaching, receiving presents from parents on the last day of the Autumn and Summer term would bring a strange mix of emotions. It felt slightly wrong to be given twenty plus presents just for doing my job, but boy was it exciting!

As were probably starting to think about what to give teachers as a gift for Christmas, I thought Id compile my Top Ten teacher presents. This is based on personal experience as a teacher and parent, but also extensive research (well, I asked for opinions on Facebook)

So here we go

1.Thank You Fingerprint Tree

This has to be my favourite idea. Im a soppy soul, so would have LOVED to have received this as a gift.

Isnt it lovely. Now, I know it would be tricky to get the whole class to add fingerprints, but even one child adding the fingerprints would be special. If the whole class adds a fingerprint, the names can be written by each one. This beautiful example is by Cara over at Freckles Family, who provides full instructions to creating this work of art. The tree template is available here.

2. Personal Poem/ Picture

Gifts do not need to be expensive. A poem written about the teacher, or a drawn picture, maybe of the child and teacher together, would make a lovely sentimental gift. Add a frame from the 99p shop and viola!

3. A book

One of the best presents I ever got was a book called Five People You Meet In Heaven. Not everyones cup of tea, but what meant the world to me was the lovely message in the front. Ive given Please Mrs Butler, a book of funny school poems as a gift before.

4. Magazine and Wine

A copy of Cosmo, or another magazine, wrapped around a bottle of wine secured with ribbonperfect.

5. Notebook

Teachers are forever writing notes, so a notebook is a nice, practical gift. To make it more personal, if your child can decopatch it, or design a nice cover for it, even better!

6. Pampering in a Jar

I found this lovely idea over at Living Practically. Simply fill a jar with some miniature pampering goodies and maybe some fluffy socks and you have the perfect pampering kit.

7. Christmas Tree Ornament

Obviously one just for Christmas time! A beautiful decoration that can be used each year is a welcome little gift.

8. Homemade Cookies/ Brownies/ Sweets

Who can resist home-made baked goodies?! To make them even more special, these could be presented in a pretty box or cellophane bag tied with ribbon.

9. Personalized Mug

Mugs always come in handy, but to add that personal touch, you could buy a kit which enables you to add your childs hand print or drawing. These neednt be expensive. Alternatively, pottery places can provide all the materials and fire it for you. Of course, this is a bit more expensive. Tiles or small items decorated with a message or picture can work out a cheaper alternative if you wish to go down the pottery line.

10. Clubbing Together

If someone is happy to organize it, a group present can be very much appreciated. Gift vouchers for a local shop, beauty salon or experience days will always go down well. When I went on maternity leave with my first, the parents presented me with a beautiful Mother and Baby ornament which I still have on my dressing table twelve years later.

Whilst researching, it became apparent that there are a few gifts that are not quite so popular amongst teachers, with magnets, teddy bears and Ferrero Rocher coming out as top gift disappointments.

Above all though, a little card or note from you, thanking the teacher and recognizing something your child has obviously improved in or enjoyed, will mean more than any gift.

Unless, of course, its diamonds

If you have any brilliant ideas for teacher gifts, do feel free to add them in the comments so we create the Ultimate Teacher Present List!

Images courtesy of Cara from Freckles Family, Jessie from Living Practically and


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