Why Father Flippin’ Christmas Can Just Butt Out…

Now, I hate speaking behind someone’s back, especially about someone as egotistic lovely as Father Christmas, but it has to be said…I think the power is going to his head.

We went to see him a couple of years ago when my daughter was 5 and she asked for a Baby Annabel. Rather than nodding and helpfully telling her that she would get it if she was a good girl, he gained a glint in his eye and I’m sure beneath that beard was a smirk lurking as he said;

“And would you like Father Christmas to bring you the pushchair and the cot as well?’

Either he couldn’t see me shaking my head furiously, or he chose to ignore it. I’m guessing the latter.

A few weeks ago I took my three year old to see Mr Red Hat and he asked what she would like.

‘A bike.’

‘Oh, and would you like it to be a pink bike?’

For goodness sake, why all the unnecessary detail? No, Father Christmas, she flippin’ wants a blue one, a beautiful blue Princess bike. However, now she thinks she’s getting a pink one thanks to good old Father Christmas poking his nose in.

A word to the wise Father Christmas; if you are going to sit back and take all the credit whilst us Mums provide you with the goods, know your place.

Next year Father Christmas,if you don’t mind, just butt out.

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9 Responses to Why Father Flippin’ Christmas Can Just Butt Out…

  1. Laura says:

    This made me laugh out loud ! Lx

  2. Charlene says:

    Just found my way here through Love all blogs.
    Also laughing out loud! That’s hilarious, although perhaps not so hilarious for you I’m sure!

  3. sarahmumof3 says:

    oh dear! I am rather concerned what Father Christmas may arrange with my youngest as he is visiting him with school next week…

    • admin says:

      Thankfully, I think Father Christmas behaves most of the time. We appear to have caught him on a couple of ‘off’ days!

  4. that’s so funny! our father christmas has been rather good and just promises to try to bring something nice and even when the kids told him that he’d have to make sure he didn’t leave those sparkly footprints as we now have a baby who might pick up and eat the sparkles, he remembered all about it and has promised to make sure he leaves the sparkly glittery bits outdoors this year! x

  5. Sarah says:

    Brilliant. I bet Father Christmas gets worse closer and closer to Christmas Eve. This made me chuckle though, I can remember wanting a Twinkle annual when I was younger – ended up with something else and as a child I was sad (for all of two seconds).

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