Probably The Best Advent Calendar In The World…

A few years ago, I met a lovely lady called Tara. It soon became apparent that she is ever so slightly obsessed with Christmas. She loves it, and spends a good few months making sure everything is perfect, particularly for other people.

She suggested we do an advent swap. Intrigued, I agreed, and every year we swap a box with a present to open every day during Advent. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this makes the lead up to Christmas. Tara has an amazing ability to select the perfect gift each time. I do my best to make hers special, but each time I end up slightly overwhelmed by her generosity and spot-on presents.

This is my advent calendar this year:

There’s a couple of additional ones to open at an appropriate time:

And for Christmas Day there is this treasure:

Today, I opened Number One and received a Thorntons chocolate advent calendar, an advent candle and 24 numbered mini candles. Perfect!

Do you see why I think I’ve probably got the best advent calendar in the world? And it doesn’t stop there. Tara presents us with two other special boxes at Christmas, which I will reveal in a later post.

I’ve been asked before, and no… I’m afraid you can’t adopt Tara as your friend…

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11 Responses to Probably The Best Advent Calendar In The World…

  1. Tara says:

    Ever so slightly obsessed?! Moi?! That’s probably a bit of an understatement but thank you for your kind words :-)
    Thank you so much for my pressie today, the crackers are absolutely amazing & I can’t wait to start making the nativity :-D

    Enjoy my lovely :-) xx

  2. Louise says:

    Deep breaths, deep breaths ….. I am hyperventilating over such a lovely, lovely way to start advent and the build up to Christmas. Mannn, all of those lovely lil wrapped treats waiting for the corresponding days ~ heaven. #proper envious!! ;) XX

  3. What a lovely friend you have, your post has really warmed my heart! :-)

  4. Errrr….insanely jealous? Me?!!!!! Yes!!! This is a FAB idea! I love it!! I’m going to do this for a friend next year if it’s the last thing I do…which it may well be if I add any more to my Christmas to-do list!!


  5. How gorgeous! And all for you – that is probably the best thing about it!

  6. wow ! that is amazing! lucky you. x

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  8. What a lovely Idea! I will have to do this next year… now to find a friend :)

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