Not Resolutions…Promises to Myself…

Ah, New Years Eve…

2012 has generally bought good things for the Bizzy household. Highlights include tea with the Queen, a promotion, a successful transition to secondary school, a successful introduction to nursery and pre-school, completion of a Masters degree, a Champagne Yacht Reception, The MAD Blog awards, some great new friendships and an extension. There have been lows, but I’m not going to dwell on them. They can be left in 2012….

Traditionally people make a list of things they are going to change in the following year on New Years Eve. They tend to have a tinge of negativity about them- stopping something they wish they weren’t doing or starting something they think is good for them, but actually they don’t really want to. I’m going to make a few promises to myself…positive changes I want to make, rather than resolutions I’ll break within a few days. So here goes…

Have More Fun 

This year has shown me that you never know quite what is round the corner and that you need to make the most of life. So I’m going to have more fun, more good times. Let my hair down shall we say?!

Value My Friends

I realised something this year. I realised that I spend so much time worrying about trying to get people I don’t think like me to like me, that I’m missing out on my real friends. My friends are hugely important to me and I have am fortunate enough to have some really great ones. I’m going to be investing time and energy into those friends this year.

Spend More Time With My Husband and Children

Work went a little mad this year. I’m not complaining, but I’ve had to think about balancing it with family life. No more Sunday working in 2013. Combining with promise #1, I’m going to make the most of the time I have with my little ones and will hopefully book in a few more ‘hot dates’ with my husband this year.

Sort The House Out

Slightly dull, to say the least, but it so needs doing! Over on Domestic Disgrace, I will be detailing progress. There are rooms to carpet and furnish and an abundance of decluttering to be done. I will be a Domestic Goddess by the end of 2013!

Sadly, to accomplish these things, something has to give. Ironically that’s going to be blogging. I love blogging, and this isn’t the end, but Bizzy Mum will be quieter. It will be here for me to post when inspired, but it’ll be taking a back seat in the big scheme of things. This year has bought opportunities I’d never have had if it wasn’t for the blog, and I’m grateful for that and sad to make the decision, but something’s got to give.

So, thank you for being with me in 2012, and in the immortal words of Dame Vera Lynn…

‘We’ll Meet Again’…

Happy New Year…


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One Response to Not Resolutions…Promises to Myself…

  1. Helen Neale says:

    Sorry to see you go – but sounds like it was definitely right for you – hope we can see each other in real life soon! :-)

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