The MAD Blog Awards- Pretending To Be Important For The Night…

When I found out that I was a Finalist in the MAD Blog Awards, I was genuinely taken aback. I thought maybe there had been a mistake in the vote count, but was assured by an email from the lovely organizer of the MADS, Sally Whittle, that it really was true.

Suddenly I was taking part in Radio Interviews, Yacht Receptions, receiving Sponsorship from Littlewoods and on Friday, I experienced the most amazing night at the Awards ceremony. I booked myself into the swanky hotel and after a little secret squealing and jumping up and down in my room, gathered myself together and made my way to have my hair and make-up done. I tried to act as nonchalant as possible, but inside I just kept screaming ‘I’m here! I’m really here at the MADs!’

I met the lovely Helen from Kiddycharts for a drink before getting dressed up. Again I had to compose myself before going downstairs so I didn’t embarrass myself by being over excited. I gave my name, wincing slightly in case I was told there’s actually been a mistake and I wasn’t meant to be there, and made my way to the main event. The food was delicious, the wine was plentiful and the company was superb. I even got to chat a little with Myleene Klass, and offered her a party for her daughter. Sadly it turns out she is very much a tomboy. You can’t blame a girl for trying now can you?!

The awards went to highly deserving blogs, including Coombe Mill, the winner in my Business Blog category. I was fortunate enough to be sitting on her table, so managed to touch the award. I resisted sneaking it into my bag, tempting though it was. I had a lovely chat with Tas from NotMyYearOff, and after consuming far too much wine, went to congratulate Mammasaurus and Actually Mummy, bloggers I am in complete awe of.

After even more wine (are you seeing a theme developing here?) I found myself with Jo (Fashion Detective) Helen (Coco Mama Style) and Liz, winner of Best Fashion Blog for The Baby Wears Prada. I’d love to tell you what we spoke about, but honestly, I can’t remember…

I rolled into bed at about 2am, content, overwhelmed and a teeny bit drunk. I’d had a fabulous night pretending to be of some importance.

A huge Thank You to Sally Whittle and the other fantastic organizers behind the MADs, and to Parentdish for sponsoring the event. Thank you…you made an otherwise rather unimportant person feel like a Very Important Person for the night.

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11 Responses to The MAD Blog Awards- Pretending To Be Important For The Night…

  1. Trish says:

    I think we all felt we needed to pinch ourselves at times – all that lovely fuss. I could do it all over again!

  2. I also have NO idea what we talked about!! Probably best to leave it there actually!! What an ace night. Again again! x

  3. Wasn’t it just an amazing night. I enjoyed everything from our tweeting before hand about dresses to meeting you on the night. It’s been lovely to have an insight onto how everyone felt on the day, were were all a little nervous with no reason to be what so ever!

  4. Don’t you dare say you’re not important! I’m always happy when I see your twitter avatar, so you’re very important – even if it’s only to cheer me up on Twitter!
    It was lovely to see you :)

  5. It sounds like an awesome night. I went to a bloggers’ meet-up in London on Tuesday and it’s so lovely to be with people who get and love the whole blogging thing too, isn’t it?


  6. you look amazing in those photos. sounds like it was a really fab evening. x

  7. Jen says:

    It was a fab night wasn’t it! Sorry for adding my comment so late, just StumbledUpon you!

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