Diary Of An Extension- Week Eleven

There are a few weeks missing to this diary, primarily because a lot of the work has been internal and so not a lot to see. The electricity points and plumbing pipes are now in place ready, and plaster board has gone up on the walls and ceiling. This week has seen a lot of progress inside the original part of the house and the extension. Doors and windows are in, making it feel as though we are very nearly there now.

We were initially going to have wooden bi-fold doors, but at £3,000 more than UPVC, we had to go for the cheaper option. The window you can see in the roof provides light into the kitchen, as it was quite dark after loosing the second window.

Inside, we now have flooring in the bathroom. To begin with, I wasn’t that keen on it, but it has grown on me and now I quite like it.

I have put some draws in the bathroom as well, with some bath bombs for decoration. Mini has been very good about not touching them *so far*.

In the lounge, we have the long-awaited log burner. I am going to be placing ‘beautiful’ logs, in the wall space to the left, when they arrive this week.

The pink basket was given to us by a lovely friend as a ‘Yay, You’ve Got A Log Burner’ present! It is full of beautiful things to light a fire. Of course it is far too nice to actually use, but it does look lovely next to the fire. Pop over to Louise’s blog to find out how she made it.

Probably the most exciting change to the house so far is that I now have my very own office. I love it. It is quite plain at the moment, and is yet to have the radiator refitted. I plan on adding red accessories to match my laptop…sad, but true!

My husband’s Man Shed arrived last week- in about two hundred pieces. We knew it was self- assembly, but didn’t realize quite how much assembly was involved. Still, despite DIY not being Bizzy Dad’s strong point, I have been amazed at the speed at which the shed has gone up. I think this is out of desperation. He sees this as his escape from the mad house that is our home.

It should be a lovely space when finished. There is electricity running to it, and he is going to have carpet, curtains, chairs and ‘man stuff’. I’m not going to ask exactly what the ‘man stuff’ is. I think I’m best not knowing.

Hopefully, the wall between the kitchen and the extension will be knocked through to enable access to the extension. Then it will feel very real. I still maintain that this process has been exciting as opposed to stressful.

I fear the most stressful part is about to come. I don’t think it will have anything to do with the builders, plumbers or furnishings. I think it’s going to be when I need Bizzy Dad, and I’m there calling, getting no response.

We all know where he’ll be don’t we?

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5 Responses to Diary Of An Extension- Week Eleven

  1. Louise says:

    It’s all starting to come together and look really lovely ~ yay. Your chair has turned out well in your office and looks lovely too. I’m keen to see what the criteria for a ‘beautiful’ log is and what is required to pass the ‘yep, you can stay’ test ;) XXXX

  2. Sooooooo jealous of your wood-burner! Isn’t it gorgeous? We’re having our fire opened up next March, which means that we’ll completely bypass this years fires! Maybe I should leave the fire burning all summer instead!!


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