The MADs Blog Awards Me-Time Carnival

Me TimeI’m pretty sure I’m not alone in admitting that I could do with a little me-time as the school holidays draw to a close. I’m not after much; just ten minutes would suffice to recharge the parenting batteries without someone asking me to get them a drink, do a puzzle, draw Peppa Pig or wipe their bottom.

This week I indulged in a little me-time. I parked myself at the kitchen table with a cuppa, and enjoyed browsing through the brilliant posts submitted for this MADs Blog Carnival.

What better way to start than with the Top 10 Me-Time Tips from Becky at Baby Budgeting. Whether it’s a long luxurious bath, listening to your own music in the car or a spot of meditation, there’s an idea to appeal to everyone. I found myself craving a day to myself after reading Dorky Mum’s post, Guilty Pleasures. Ruth details her ideal day of indulgence, and shares with us her love of old snuggly dresses, chip butties and a good bottle of wine.

Mummy relaxes a little too much after a day at the spa, and she nearly forgets something rather important in Actually Mummy’s post Mother Abandons Children. After such a luxurious day, it’s no wonder her mind was elsewhere! Another Mum enjoying some me-time is Transatlantic Blonde, who finds herself on a spontaneous girls night out, thanks to a friend with a spare Guns and Roses ticket. Mirka from All Baby Advice prefers a more energetic escape, and writes about her determination to find time for running. I felt both guilty and inspired reading this!

Finding me-time is hard for parents at the best of times, but working from home brings additional challenges. Elaine from Little Sheep offers some useful tips for balancing parenting, business and time for yourself. If the children are around, you can manipulate some time to yourself by carrying out the investigation Getting the Kids to Make your Cuppa from Science Sparks. After some quality time together, you can sneak off and put your feet up with the end result!

If you do have some free time, but are at a loss as to how to spend it, why not modify a pair of old jeans? Maggy from RedTedArt shows you How to Make a Skirt from a Pair of Jeans, and with the simple step-by-step instructions and photos, even the least experienced crafter could whip up a new skirt in an hour or so. I do enjoy a bit of pampering, but find it can quickly eat away at the bank balance. Becky at Family Budgeting offers some useful tips on How to Find a Good Hairdresser on a Budget. Follow her advice, and you’ll be able to afford a few more little treats for yourself.

So that rounds up our Me-Time carnival. I hope you feel suitably relaxed and inspired to indulge in a little time to yourself.

Me? I’m off to ‘sort out the mess in the garage’. I may have to take a copy of Cosmo and a glass of vino with me of course…

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6 Responses to The MADs Blog Awards Me-Time Carnival

  1. I’m so glad we’re past the bum-wiping stage – one of the better things about older kids! And I’m now hankering after a chip butty so thanks for that ;)

    • admin says:

      We are so nearly out of the bum-wiping stage…can’t believe I’m still doing that whilst having another one off to secondary school!

  2. becky says:

    Thank you ofr including my post x2!

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